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The legal status of marijuana is a hot button issue among many Americans and even the world. Citizens on either side of the debate are quite passionate about the subject and indeed it is not a simple question of whether the legalization of marijuana is merely a good or bad thing. Instead, both camps have fairly valid points supporting their respective positions and are adamant about them.

First let’s examine the perceived negatives of legalizing marijuana. The biggest argument of the proponents of that stance is that it would serve as a gateway drug, meaning it would lead people to use stronger drugs that pose a real threat to their health. This argument, while at face value may hold some water, essentially creates a rather dangerous precedent. It can be argued that anything, even something as innocuous as a glass of wine over dinner, could lead an individual to try something stronger. In short, it’s a slippery slope. At what point does the chain of causation get cut?

Another fairly common argument that gets brandied about regarding the harmful effects of marijuana is the adverse health consequences of the substance. While it may be true that smoking marijuana may have a general negative impact on an individual’s health, it’s really no worse than having a cigarette and that is perfectly legal, albeit heavily regulated in some states. Furthermore, some studies have linked habitual marijuana use to other illnesses such as cancer. While no one obviously wants to get cancer, there is a laundry list of common everyday products that have been linked to cancer and they remain legal. Again, arguing that marijuana is bad for someone’s health is flawed since so much of what we consume as a society has been proven to be bad for one’s health.

The pros of legalizing marijuana are much more pronounced. Here are just a few. First, legalization would mean that marijuana could be taxed by the government. In these tough economic times it’s just plain silly that the government doesn’t take advantage of the financial gold mine that would be the legalization of marijuana. In a lot of states (California being the most notable) a natural market for the product already exists and jobs (albiet tax free) have been created. In order to make these jobs non tax free, the state would have to legalize marijuana and take hold of the situation first hand.

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Marijuana Jobs

Next, legalizing marijuana would decrease the crime rate in many states. If it were legal, then the criminal elements that are sometimes behind its sale and distribution would no longer have a monopoly on the market. As a result, the affiliated crimes would also decrease. Generally speaking, legalizing marijuana would have a distinctly positive effect on society.

Related to the aforementioned point, the legalization of marijuana would make a large swath of people who use it law abiding citizens once again. These are individuals who otherwise obey the law, why should they be stigmatized for making a personal decision regarding the use of a substance which has a long and storied cultural history.

In short, while valid arguments exist for both sides of the debate, legalizing marijuana has more pluses than minuses including, but not limited to, jobs, a taxable product, lowered crime rate, and a plethora of law abiding citizens.

For most recreational marijuana users out there, Arizona marijuana proposition 203 would most likely not be the law that you’d hope it to be. While it’s true that it does provide for some level of legality with regards to the distribution of medical marijuana, it does so in a much more constricted level even when compared to other states that have legalized its use earlier on. Recently, passed only on the 2nd of November, 2010, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act seeks to further control the industry by imposing restrictive regulations on the use of medical marijuana.

As a matter of fact, it even restricts the types of doctors who could prescribe it to a patient. So if you are suffering from AIDS, cancer, Hepatitis C, chronic pain and other form of debilitating diseases, make sure that you have the right doctor. Getting prescription from a doctor which is not qualified to issue medical marijuana prescriptions would most likely reduce your chances of getting the remedy. Arizona marijuana Proposition 203 does not seek to emulate the mistakes made by similar states such as California and Colorado, where the issuance of medical marijuana have been too lenient and too liberal. Reports of widespread prescription of medical marijuana have been widespread in California, making it the target of anti marijuana proponents.

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Another instance by which you can glean the seriousness of Arizona in making it hard to get medicinal marijuana is its imposition of strict controls on how many dispensaries could operate within Arizona’s borders. The current rule stipulated by the Act is 10% of the total number of pharmacies that currently operate, making the number close to a little over a hundred. Yet despite these strict regulations, advocates agree that it is still a victory, specially since the vote was passed with a very slim percentage of 50.13%

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Florida Marijuana

Many people are of the view that legalization of marijuana would open the floodgates for its recreational use due to easy accessibility. Furthermore, it would also free the drug from its associated stigma, something which acted as a deterrent for people in using it brazenly. And legalization would definitely lower people’s perception regarding its health risks, say some.

A July 2016 research by the Victoria University in Australia explored the implications of marijuana legalization and the use of non-medical marijuana vis-a-vis other drugs.

‘Gateway drug’

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Marijuana is often dubbed by some people as a “gateway drug,” which precipitates the use of hard drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. For them, it has earned the dubious distinction that induces users to experiment with more strong and illicit drugs. In reality, this is the most crucial point that motivated the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Office of National Drug Control Policy to vociferously oppose medical marijuana laws.

However, there is a severe lack of evidence in decrying this effect of marijuana. Although there is a humongous amount of literature available on the relationship between marijuana use and other substances, a causal link is yet to be established, said principal author Dr. Luke Yu-Wei Chu of the Victoria University.

It took three years for Dr. Chu to study drug use in the U.S., where medical marijuana is legal in 25 states and the District of Columbia, to derive an understanding of this relationship. He studied the heavy users of marijuana, like treatment patients and those who were mostly arrested for drug abuse.

Then he analyzed the number of drug possession arrests and the substance abuse treatment admissions between 1992 and 2011. This projected a clear picture of the drug use in the states before and after the legalization of medical marijuana. He compared the changes in the trend of drug use between the states that had legalized marijuana and the others that stayed with the federal law.

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No spurt in rate of possession arrests after marijuana laws

The research outcome predicted otherwise and did not conform to the views that marijuana is a “gateway drug.” He reasoned that had it been a gateway drug, there should have been a spurt in the rates of possession arrests and treatment admissions for heroin and cocaine. But no such evidence could be found in his extensive research, he said.

Some other key observations of the study were:

No increase in incidence of cocaine and heroin use. In fact, there was a 15 percent drop in the arrests for possession of these two drugs combined. There was a 20 percent fall in the heroin-related admissions in treatment rehabs, which means that marijuana did not incite a craving for these hard drugs. In fact, many used marijuana as a substitute for heroin.

Recovery road map

Substance abuse is a big pain which can bring in untold miseries in the lives of addicts. Nipping it in the bud is the best solution to curb any addiction. Whatever be the type of substance used for addiction, the end results are always similar. Treatment should not be delayed as this would only worsen the situation.

Restorative Dentistry

If you are among those people, who are desirous of a newer, brighter and better smile, experts of Restorative Dentistry in Northridge is your one and only hope. Below page is an effort to bring you closer to the concept of restorative dentistry and what it is all about.

Dentistry, be it cosmetic, general or restorative, involves the several treatments that can be provided to such patients for the improvement of their oral health issues as well as the physical beauty of the mouth, from the teeth to the gums and tissues. When we specifically discuss about the Restorative Dentistry in Northridge then there are plenty of dental experts in the region who can serve you with brilliant dental solutions for all your similar concerns. Let us now have a look at those medical procedures which are commonly used by the dental experts for restoration of the teeth to their full glory and this brings you a step closer to the secrets of dentistry which your doctor will suggest you in order to make your smile a brighter and better one.

1. Dental Implants: If you are suffering from the problem of tooth loss, Restorative dentistry has the treatment of Dental Implants, which is known as the perfect alternatives for teeth replacements. It is because these implants are much more comfortable than the old false teeth concepts or dentures and also, they do not require much maintenance. These dental implants are mounted and they are fixed permanently for your comfort.

Suggestion: These implants are not suggested for the patients who have undergone radiation therapy or who have diabetes.

2. Root Canal Therapy: If you have any damage to your tooth, it can be best treated with a root canal therapy. Your dentist will extract the damaged or affected teeth, remove the infected tissue and the damaged nerves, and then replace the empty space with dental implants, crowns or bridges.

restorative dentistry

3. Treatment for Gum Diseases: Restorative dentistry has several surgical and non-surgical treatments for gum diseases or periodontal diseases. If you have swollen, tender and bleeding gums, these treatments are the best answers from Composite Dentistry in Northridge CA.

4. For TMJ Disorders: TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. These are the painful disorders, the pain of which can go around the neck and the head areas. From Composite Dentistry, the only treatment for these disorders is surgery depending upon the symptoms.

5. Full-Mouth Reconstruction: In some severe cases the damage goes beyond expectation of the dentist, which often require no less than the full mouth reconstruction. In such cases, the professionals perform several different procedures to reconstruct the mouth and once again give it its lost beautiful smile.

Free Splash Page

Men and women want to get to information and facts swiftly and with no hindrance and if you set barriers in their way then they will basically go again to the pool of 50-billion or so other internet sites to obtain a single that does services their requirements.

If you have a splash page then do on your own a favour and be done with it. Cast it out into the wonderful trashcan on the web and let your web site free so people today can like it in all its splendour.

Splash pages are opening web page of a web-site that is truly worth it to entice the attentions of website visitors with regards to their company, merchandise and providers. They may well include things like pattern, graphics, multimedia consequences, or flash movies.

A lot of folks today regard these pages as not so handy for their web page, but much more generally when you surf the website, splash pages are still remarkably common to arrive out. Most people nevertheless feel on the usefulness of splash pages in on line business.

Just before we explore the significance of these pages to a web-site, there are some superb recommendations to ponder when creating an Web optimization optimized web page. They must be loaded as fast as doable, and it should match the web page without any use of scrolling. Only the really useful stage is bundled like a catching text content and primary keyword of your revenue goal. Make it solid, visible and effortlessly grab. Give them a warning that a further window will open once they hit the page.

These pages are useful for some enterprise and companies like advertising and marketing businesses, designers web-site and amusement internet websites. They are also desired for web pages that only operate by means of subscription foundation. This is a way they can show the inventiveness and techniques of the corporation. This is a cause to get their focus and make them as prospective customers.

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Make guaranteed to produce a distinctive page from the many others. It is best to alter it repeatedly so that recurring customers will even now be attracted in likely to your web site. It will serve as branding for you and your enterprise web page is an outstanding way to encourage your company and push traffics to your web-site.

Prior to trying to build your unique pages, take careful arranging concerning the graphics and text. Preserve in head that a effectively style and design opening page is also a way to raise subscriber for your site.

If you are in the approach of re-developing your website, or you are a web page designer, Search engine marketing really should usually stay in the front of your brain as a very important element of the procedure. Too frequently designers and Search engine optimization specialists clash, when in reality the two disciplines will need to always go hand in hand – and Search engine optimisation and web pattern should be talked about in the exact same breath, from the beginning of a development.

Search engine optimisation web style and design is fundamentally just excellent website layout – right after all, if you develop the most ‘wow’ web site in the entire world but nobody can discover it short of remembering and typing the URL in, what is the stage of that?

What Would make Beneficial Search engine optimization Web site Style?

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Reverse Loans For Seniors

If you own your home and are 62 years of age or older, you may qualify for a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage allows you to turn your home equity into cash. The homeowner has the option of either receiving several payments or one lump sum of money, which translates into a loan against your home. Reverse mortgages can be helpful to those who may need to make a large purchase, or are having a difficult time paying off debt. While a reverse mortgage may not be appropriate for some, it can be a lucrative deal for others.

With a reverse mortgage, you do not need to pay back the money you have borrowed until you sell your house (or if you pass away, of course). If your financial situation changes, you can pay back your reverse mortgage at any time you’d like without facing early payment penalties. Whether you choose to take your payments in one lump sum, or smaller payments over time, a reverse mortgage simply allows you to live comfortably without the stresses of mounting credit cards or hospital bills. The beauty of mortgage is that the amount you owe will never exceed the value of your house, and it is tax-free.

While a reverse mortgage may sound like it is the answer you’ve been looking for, there are some things you need to consider before making such a big decision. Firstly, there may be fees that come with a reverse mortgage. To get the process going you will need to pay for a home appraisal, as well as lawyer’s fees. You may not need to pay for these fees upfront, as they can be deducted from the amount you receive. Interest on your loan begins to accumulate from the day your reverse mortgage begins, and sometimes the loan can come with a higher interest rate than a typical line of credit.

Reverse Mortgages for Seniors

If you’re considering a reverse mortgage, do a bit of research about what kind of reverse mortgages San Diego has to offer. Decide what kind of terms and conditions work best for you, and then do a bit of comparison shopping. The amount of money you will receive from a mortgage can vary depending on the value of your home and your age. Call several lenders to find out what type of home loans Dallas has. While there are many pros and cons to applying for a reverse mortgage, it can be a big help to those who are in need of a large lump sum. It may also be helpful if you are looking at moving into a nursing home, but are unable to afford it or unable to get approved for long-term care insurance.

No matter what you require the money for, it is best to wait as long as possible to take out a reverse mortgage. While the minimum age is 62, you may receive more money with age. Check with your local lender to see what their terms and conditions are.

Reverse Loans for Seniors

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

If the you love the ocean, and you enjoy fine weather and gorgeously overcast mornings that peak into bright and sunny days-then Marina del Rey is the city by the bay that you have been dreaming about. The city offers views that are second-to-none, overlooking the rolling hills of Malibu on one side, and offering picturesque shots of the Pacific Ocean to the other. The city is centrally located and is within a few minutes drive of historical Venice Beach. It’s because of these highly desirable amenities that many people have chosen to settle down here and raise their families. Some people have even recently moved to California because they are suffering from medical conditions and know that they won’t be discriminated against or arrested for using medical marijuana in Marina Del Rey Marijuana card

Helpful Answers About Medical Marijuana Cards in Marina Del Rey
There are some questions that you may have about these cards. One that comes right to mind is: Can just anyone be approved for a marijuana card in this city? The answer is no, only persons who have been approved by marijuana doctors Marina Del Rey can use medical cannabis in this city. Another common question includes: Will I be charged with a crime for using medicinal cannabis in Marina Del rey? Again, the answer is: no you will not, but only if you have a valid marijuana card for this city. Lastly, some patients wonder if they will be discriminated against for using medical marijuana, and again the answer is no. There are laws in place that protect you from all forms of discrimination for legally using cannabis as medicine in this city.

Marina Del Rey Medical Marijuana Card Benefits
A Marina Del Rey Marijuana card offers some desirable benefits to valid card holders. For one, they can now buy cannabis from medical dispensaries and use it to treat their illnesses. For two, they don’t have to worry about being arrested or charged with a crime, as the law allows for medicinal usage of this drug. Lastly, card holders are protected from being discriminated by employers, landlords and other forms of common discrimination.

How to Get Medical Marijuana Card Marina Del rey
If you are interested in getting a Marina Del Rey Marijuana card for marijuana in this city, these following three steps can help you get approved for one: 1. See a Marina del Rey marijuana doctor. 2. Submit your marijuana recommendation to the state health department. 3. Get issued a valid medicinal cannabis card Marina del Rey.

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana